Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend TV Review Part 2 - Sunday 22 November

- 09.50 The Scarecrow & Mrs. King - if you need a fix of 80's US TV, this is for you.

- 14.30 A Grandpa for Christmas - a US TV movie from 2007 with Ernest Borgnine (he's still around?) and a number of US sitcom greats which will probably be watchable if you are ready to get into the Christmas spirit.

- 21.30 Battle of the Sexes - new RTE Factual show with Miriam O'Callaghan hosting a group of women discussing relationships between men and women in Ireland today. Next week Ray D'Arcy works the other angle with a group of men. I easily dismiss some of these home made shows and this topic seems very old fashioned, but it may turn out to be interesting, especially with Miriam involved. I just wonder if it will cover less traditional relationships, particularly gay relationships.

- 22.30 Would You Believe - RTE series that looks at the spiritual side of news, current events and human interest stories and often gets down to the bottom of the issues involved. This week show is about businessman Jerry Shanahan, from Cork, who was accused of corporate fraud in the US.

- 23.50 Tempo - "direct to DVD (and Irish TV) thriller" from 2003 with Melanie Griffith and Rachel Leigh Cooke about art and jewelery theft and a love triangle in Paris.

- 01.20 Sweet Liberty - 1986 movie written, directed and starring Alan Alda with good back up from Michael Caine, Bob Hoskins and Michelle Pfeiffer. "Hollywood comes to town" to make a movie of a book about the American Revolution that was written by the main character. It's a funny look at the movie industry.

- 21.00 Cliffhanger - 1993 movie with Sly Stallone which I've never watched thinking that Stallone would be not be convincing as a mountain climber (though I love the first Rocky movie and he was very good in "Cop Land"). With director Renny Harlin, who has made some watchable action films, this may be worth taking in if you aren't interested in what's going on in the jungle on TV3 tonight.

- 20.00 XFactor - Results show with performances by Susan Boyle and Mariah Carey. I've got money riding on the results now, so even more interested in the outcome.

- 21.00 I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

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