Sunday, December 7, 2008

Recall of all Irish Pork Products

Wow, it was strange at Dunnes stores today. In the aisle that's usually full of sausages, rashers (aka bacon), etc. there were only a couple packages of turkey rashers and sausages. On the side there was a selection of chorizo and German salamis. Last night it was announced that contaminated feed was given to pigs on a number of farms in Ireland and that products with Irish pork products on offer since September could contain traces of a chemical dioxin.

"Minister for Food Trevor Sargent has said identifying the source of contamination of Irish pork with a chemical dioxin would have been quicker if dioxin monitoring equipment had been available here instead of having to send samples to England for testing." (source: RTE)

Sandwich ham is one of the few things one of my sons will eat, so he and my daughter have had ham at least 5 times a week since that time. We have had pork chops at least once a week. On weekends we enjoy our sausages for breakfast.

In the past few months I have been going for cheaper, store brand sliced ham and pork (apart from sausages where I go for the better quality), but I think this incident really shows why it's best to buy locally produced products that you can trace.

I recently had a diet made up for me and I was told no pig meat and, as I was also told no poultry, was finding it really hard to avoid having pork at least once a week. This could be a higher force telling me I should have stuck to the diet!

Other effects: Pizza parlours can't offer pork toppings! Oh no, no meat feast!!! (unless you go to Godfather's or Domino's because they use toppins sourced outside of Ireland).

Click here for RTE's guide on the Irish pork recall.

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