Monday, January 5, 2009

Beverly Cooper Flynn and the State of Things in Ireland

I've stopped worrying about what Mayo TD Beverly Cooper Flynn does -- even though it seems completely out of order that she should still get a €40,000 grant per year for being an Independent when she isn't any more. If her constituents voted her in after her previous problems with setting up illegitimate offshore accounts, fallout with FF, etc.; why should I care?! I bet she could do anything and they'd still vote her back in. Well, she does say she is using the money for the good of her constituents -- like doing up her offices. (

This is probably just the tip of the iceburg -- start chipping away at these things and we'll see why the country has such a big tax deficit (€8.1bn -

It was just two years ago they were giving away money with the SSIAs. No matter what FF does or doesn't do the Irish people keep them in government. Is it just that there are no good alternatives (none really stand out) or that the people are so enamored with the past glory of FF?

Waterford Wedgewood is going into receivership. Lots of job losses. Very bad news for SE Ireland. The company is in debt for €400m; so this is going to have a huge impact. There were cutbacks in the not so distant past, so perhaps the 2,700 employees in Ireland and the UK who will lose their jobs now, may have had some warning that things could go this way. (

One thing about this economic crisis -- it truly is a soap opera that keeps us watching and wondering how things are going to come out. This is all news out just today -- a busy news day with everyone getting back to work and looking for lots of problems and issues to report on!

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